Water Island, USVI


On Wednesday, September 6, Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 hurricane, struck the northern Lesser Antilles before continuing across the BVI, USVI, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, then up the coast of Florida, leaving catastrophic damage in its wake. As the storm passes, the need for immediate aid has become clear.

Here is an aerial picture of Water island, USVI pre hurricane Irma. I will not post any pictures of the island post Irma. Our slice of paradise has been decimated by the wrath of Irma and now we must come together to restore the beauty, serenity and peacefulness that we once enjoyed. We have lost homes, boats and a sense of safety, but our community is resilient and determined to bring their Island home back to the state it was in before hurricane Irma. If you can participate in any way through volunteering, donating or spreading the word to all the friends and visitors that have enjoyed this wonderful slice of paradise, it will be greatly appreciated.

In an attempt to expedite the donation process I have created a Paypal.me link for donations. It will come directly to my Paypal account and the funds will be used to purchase goods for the community of Water Island only! All contributed funds will be accounted for and recorded and made available to anyone requesting so in an Excel statement.

The intent is to expedite the repair and rebuilding of the Water Island community.

Welcome to Paradise - Let’s build it back!

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